China Inspection Services

AMREP Inspection Company

InspectChina is organized to manage emerging suppliers since 1982, beginning with new and established suppliers in Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Mexico and now inside Vietnam.

InspectChina is a member of the AMREP SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT SERVICES group in China. AMREP deals with the suppliers’ issues of materials, services and product inputs.

InspectChina supplier inspection services is structured on a pyramidal team structure of quality auditors, production supervisors and quality inspectors. These are experienced, skilled and work trained product, technical and quality specialists on consumable products with keen knowledge of production, quality and delivery control to address the problems raised by Jay Simmons. InspectChina teams are China-wide located focusing on production control inspection, final inspection, pre-shipment inspection, quality control inspection, quality assurance services in China.

Supplier Management Professionals and Supplier Management Departments are commonly measured in terms of amount of money saved for the organization. InspectChina vendor inspections and supply quality management is measured in the same way.

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