China Quality Inspection

C-TPAT Supply China Security Audits

C-TPAT is the US Customs import security regulations which makes it easier or more difficult for your imports to pass through import security inspections. Depending on your classification as a Tier 1, 2, or 3, you must have in place a team to carry out regulatory security audits of your suppliers in your supply chain of vendors. You may be or may not be a certified C-TPAT partner of the US government scheme. Whatever type of importer you may be, you may have to incorporate random security audits on your regular and approved suppliers on a continuous basis. Or you may have to include a factory audit, export agent security audit into your initial factory audits. C-TPAT encourages the incorporation of security audits into factory audits, utilizing overseas and external resources.

InspectChina has a Supplier Security Audit Team geared up for immediate action in China.

InspectChina C-TPAT auditors are not China born security personnel. Our team are impartial Asians with security or military trained personnel with no conflicting national interests or obligations. Our mission is to carry out US customer mandated supplier’s commitment to safer and better security as defined in the C-TPAT Vendor Compliance Manual. We are organized for random audits as a follow through of supplier’s continued compliance and improvement in warehouse and factory shipment security.