China Quality Inspection

China In-process Inspection is the same as China Line Inspection

To our US customers in Quality Assurance, in-process inspection is about selective random inspection of parts or items from a production line.
To China suppliers not well trained in the concept of quality assurance, (especially if the products are simple consumer products such as stuffed toys, shoes, reusable bags), in-process is production line inspection.

We understand the concept of in-process inspection. What and how much we do depend again on the kind of products you buy. We will ask you these questions:

  • Is it a simple soft or hard product, or an electrical or mechanical device?
  • What type of materials?
  • Is the in-process inspection to be carried out only at a single supplier location?

Your answers to these questions will help us decide how to inspect and how many inspection stations to set up.

Our In-Process inspection may include:

  • In-coming components/materials inspection
  • Non-conforming products inspection
  • Selective end of line random inspection
  • Safety, tolerances and usability testing and inspection
  • Final product and packaging inspection.

In process inspection layout is determined by your answers to our important questions on your products.