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Supplier Code of Conduct Audits

Supplier Code of Conduct Audits





China Social Accountability audit is Code of Conduct audit on suppliers’ conformance to good labor and working conditions as per your corporate responsibility requirements

To audit a China factory, you must know how Chinese management manages their business, their workers and their management styles.  In arranging a COC audit of a China supplier to SA 8000 we will be interested in knowing:

  • Type of  products made by the supplier
  • Type of customers serviced by the supplier
  • A new start-up or an established supplier
  • The management setup and the characteristics.
  • Your long or short-term business relationship with the supplier.
  • Location of the supplier.


The key to conducting a good social accountability audit and getting the best co-operation from your Chinese suppliers is managing the emotional and cultural aspect of your supplier’s management characteristics.

INSPECT China is keen to get collaborative support from the supplier’s management to improve and correct deficiencies in their social accountability system beneficial to all parties. Little is achieved through combative audit or sending inexperienced men of authority to seek suppliers’ conformance to a better way of manufacturing.

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