China Quality Inspection

What is During Production Inspection when buying a China Product?

Do not confuse In-Process Inspection and Inspections carried out when the Supplier’s production line is running?  When do you use in-process inspection or when do you get Inspect China to do production inspection checks?

It depends on the products you order from your supplier.  A complicated technical product involves several components.  The supplier quality issues are many and trying to rebuild a product which has been assembled takes up more time.  Shipment is then delayed.  In-process and line inspection is continuous inspection done by our inspectors on incoming material, material in use and in assembly. Corrections are carried out immediately to speed up production and avoid delays and quality issues.

INSPECT China recommends that you send in our inspectors to do selective inspections if your order meets the Inspect China checklist.

  • Is the product simple?
  • Is your supplier familiar with the product and has a good record in producing it for other customers?
  • What is the production life cycle of the product?  Is it a product that can be manufactured quickly?
  • At what stage is the production at now?  10%, 50% or 80% completed?

Your answers will help us tell you when to send in our inspectors to do a quick check on the production run to avoid the supplier from making mistakes and reproducing again.