China Quality Inspection

China Factory Audits is Supplier Evaluation Audits or sometimes known as Manufacturing audits

Any factory that is making something certain for you needs to be checked on its production capabilities.

So when a customer says he wants a factory audit carried out on his supplier we like to ask these questions?

  • What kind of China product are you buying?
  • What type of supplier is selling to you?
  • How established is the supplier you chose?
  • What kind of audit focus do you want us to zero in on? QA systems, or production capabilities, management setup or production facilities?

Or is it a complete head to toe audit of the supplier’s factory facilities, its subcontractors, labor force and compliance to social accountability.

Your needs and type of factory audit you wish us to carry out will set the quality standards of the factory auditor we sent in to check on the supplier. The bigger the supplier, the multiple checking we have to do from system to production may require Inspect China to send in an audit team instead of a single auditor.

A best factory audit is done when we have our questions answered. Our experiences range from auditing China pharmaceutical manufacturers to China medical devices makers.

State your needs. We will match your needs with the right auditor.