China Quality Inspection

China Quality Control Services for most customers is Final Inspection of a China Product.

Most customers are confused by Random Inspections and Final Inspection.

Random inspection is used by customers who have a regular supplier in China producing for them on a regular basis. New products mean new production lines created by the suppliers to produce the new designs. Our customers would then want our inspectors to conduct process audits, manufacturing audits or random inspections to pick up established product lines which have been re-ordered.

Final inspection is about checking on the products before delivery. It is sometimes referred to as Pre-shipment Inspection.
Inspect China handles most short calls and short-term pre-shipment inspection by overseas importers.

Final inspection request comes from our customers when:

  • After production is finished.
  • Just before loading into the container
  • After packaging and crating is done
  • Only random quick selective inspection of available products.
  • Chasing after delivery time.

Final inspection is not recommended by Inspect China.  Not much quality problems can be solved at short notice to the suppliers.  Neither can we pick up the quality issues on a short-time call.

We recommend using Inspect China for in-process or in-production inspection work.