China Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection, China Inspection services

Our Supplier Manufacturing and Product Quality Inspections in China are tailored to minimize your risk exposure to poor quality and failure to conform to your purchase requirements by the supplier or agent in China.

Our inspection services in China is not a single service. It can be multiple visits to assess the quality of production at different stages. Our quality inspections include pre-production first article inspection, in-process production inspection, selective random inspection of Work in Progress (WIP) product, and final product inspection of finished lots.

Our Final Product Inspection Matrix has added inspection and testing criteria and methods for product safety, reliability and usability inspection to international material, chemical and health standards.

China Pre-shipment inspection includes lot inspection of product packaging, lot packing , damage protection prior to container loading or crate loading.

In China, our inspectors are mission trained product inspectors organized for detailed inspection and rapid reporting and image feedback to your purchasing department for immediate problem resolution with your suppliers.