China Quality Inspection

A China Factory Quality Systems Audit can either be practical or technical!

A well-organized factory or manufacturer should have a Quality Management System. A QMS is basically a company’s commitment to an organized systems, methods and tools of planning and managing production and the quality of the product it makes.

If the Chinese company is an established supplier such as Foxconn, Celestica, Lenovo, Haier, or Hua Hwei, there is a proper Quality Management System related to their continuous production of many products for different customs.  A QMS audit here audits the supplier’s technical quality standards and its conformance to a customer’s product quality expectations.  This work is carried out for customers by AMREP Technological Center, a China Supplier Quality Engineering specialist, auditing manufacturing China aerospace engineered products, telecommunications and computer devices.

Most China Consumer products are small startups or large enterprises engaged in simple production. Inspect China Supplier Quality System audits of Chinese suppliers are practical audits. We look at supplier’s practical system management of production conformance to your quality needs and making the product you want.

To be of service to you in a China Supplier Quality System audit, we would like to know:

  • The kind of product you are buying
  • The supplier‘s production experiences
  • Some information on the supplier’s customers
  • Your product sample for comparison to the supplier quality management of production

For examples of our work on suppliers on toys, hardware, or simple electronics, please email us at