China Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection, China Inspection services

China Product Inspection is Random Inspection after final production

Many customers we service are overseas importers.  They are not Quality Control specialists in large corporations with QC departments.  Few Chinese suppliers making simple products have QC departments.  China Quality Control services for Chinese manufactures vary from no QC department in small companies to large corporations with China Quality Assurance Services department.

Inspect China carries out Random Inspection usually at a customer’s request before a product is containerized.

Here’s what we do in your China Random Inspection when we get your request:

  • The total production quantity must be completed for us to do the inspection.
  • At the end of production, products must be available for selective sampling.
  • The supplier should have completed 80% of the packing so that the cartons can be counted.
  • Timing is important.  We must know when the products are ready for inspection.
  • Inspection must be done before loading or before lock-up of box containers at the factory or warehouse collection site.
  • Random selection of cartons and samples.
  • Invisible tagging, color coding of visual defects and separation of non-conformance to specs products and cartons.

Random inspection simply minimizes the risks of defects. A single inspection cannot detect all the products problems created by the supplier.