China Quality Inspection

China Source Inspection is China Quality Inspection at the source of manufacture.

Source Inspection is the same as China Quality Inspection at the origin of production.  It is a word most commonly used in Quality Assurance manuals in the US.  In China we know it as China Product Inspection.

Source Inspection is about Quality Control during production or Work in Progress (WIP) or Final Product Inspection.

Our China Source Inspection consists of quality inspectors with different production and product skills. Selecting the right quality inspectors to match your products and supplier characteristics will ensure better performances and results from our Source Inspectors.

To do the job well, we need to know:

  • Your kind of products
  • Your Suppliers’ Production Characteristics
  • Your AQL, inspection criteria and quality expectations
  • Your tested and approved samples
  • Your Production Volume
  • Your Shipment Schedule
  • Your Delivery Schedule